Cloud Communications
An organization’s communications system can be housed either in an on-premises data center or in the cloud.
MiContact Center
Transform your customer experience for today’s mobile consumer.
Unified Communications
Norcom offers industry-leading unified communication solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our solutions are simple yet comprehensive, flexible, and reliable.
Collaboration software and solutions support all forms of collaboration, including voice, video calling, and instant messaging with Mitel MiCollab Client, and web presentation and collaboration with Audio, Web and Video Conferencing.
Business Phones
Business phone systems cover a range of digital and IP phones, consoles, conference phones, and peripherals suited for business of all sizes and industries.
Security Solutions
We’re your one-stop-shop for award-winning HD video surveillance and access control solutions – from servers to cameras to door readers. Empower your security teams with industry leading technology and software designed specifically for the IT professional.
Norcom One
Why take on the risks associated with owning and operating your
telecommunications system? Norcom One protects you from these risks and
Norcom One offers you peace of mind with the full service and warranty, training,
risk of loss coverage, and upgradability. You are free to focus your resources and
attention on your business.
Carrier Services
Norcom Solutions created the Carrier Service Division specifically to assist our
clients in navigating the firestorm of voice and data services. Our vast experience
allows us to provide crystal clarity, distinguishing between the hype and categorical differentiation where the lines are often unclear and information subject to
Structured Cabling
Norcom assists in establishing
the core design of the entire environment and
server room configuration. Using the highest
quality manufactured cabling and components, our installations include all fiber and
copper requirements. Taking charge of the
end to end vertical backbone deployment of
the infrastructure and horizontal cabling to
the desktop.
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